Rebellion der Träumer

On the 19th of November Kollektiv Turmstrasse will release their debut album on Connaisseur Recordings. You can expect a magical journey into the northern spheres of electronic music. It will better than expected. This is what the Kollektiv guys are saying: "For the past months, we have been living solely for this project, and together with this venture of our heart, we have grown. Rebellion der Träumer (Rebellion of the Dreamers) is so much more than an album to us. It reflects our development over the past years, assimilating experienced impressions and presenting another side of Kollektiv Turmstrasse. It reveals our true nature and what we really are: Träumer - dreamers. A great deal of love, time and passion was invested into this album, aiming to touch both heart and mind, and to entrain you on a musical journey. Btw, check the Rebellion der Träumer  website, which is a multimedia collection of all artists,  filmmakers and graphic designers who have worked on this project so far. CD album Pre-orders you can do direct @ Amazon - or just have a look at the beautiful video of the album track 'Kontakt' ... below here :

cns006, Kollektiv Turmstrasse