A Decade of Rockets and Ponies by Timo Maas

Timo says:

By starting a label with a one-sided, vinyl-only release featuring a 17 minutes long track, I gave a signal that each Rockets & Ponies release should be something special. Now, as we enter our anniversary year, I will start with something special too and what I personally like the most: creating a mix. This is my present to you for your continuous support of our music over all these years, dancing to it on the floors around the globe to what unites us the most, electronic music. I’ve included some pictures from the past on the YoutTube mix so you can have a good laugh with me on all those funny moments, haircuts and outfits. What can I say, time flies…..Looking at those 29 catalogue numbers brought some melancholic and also proud moments back, the roster of artists I have been lucky enough to be working with still fills me with joy. Nightmares on Wax, Wolfgang Haffner, Ricardo Villalobos, Brian Molko from Placebo to name a few, not a single release which has not been its own special moment for me. I hope you enjoy this mix and it conjures up memories foryou as it did for me. My suitcases are packed, the journey continues, and especially for this year there are plenty of ideas and plans on our table. Big thanks to my agents, managers, artists, remixers, artists I have been remixing, distributors, media partners, radio stations and especially You for trusting me and my journey over all these years. It means the world to me, keep on dancing!

Yours, Timo